The Ultimate Sauna Showdown: Discover Why Wood-fired Reigns Supreme Over Infrared

The Ultimate Sauna Showdown: Discover Why Wood-fired Reigns Supreme Over Infrared

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Unveiling the Essence of Wood-fired Saunas

Saunas have long been revered for their relaxation and health benefits, but within this realm, a distinct champion emerges—the wood-fired sauna. Its allure isn’t solely rooted in tradition; rather, it resonates with a multitude of benefits that surpass those of infrared saunas. Some of the very first questions we get when someone is introduced to our business is about our sauna. Specifically, why we chose the one we did and what the difference is between ours and the infrared saunas being used at different studios and gyms. There are a couple of reasons, so let’s get to it.

The Natural Heat of Wood-fired Saunas

Wood-fired saunas, powered by natural wood, offer an authentic, penetrating heat that envelops your body. Unlike the artificial warmth of infrared saunas, which relies on electric heaters, wood-fired saunas create an atmosphere conducive to profound relaxation. The radiant heat generated by burning wood deeply permeates your skin, promoting detoxification and enhancing blood circulation.

Holistic Benefits Beyond the Heat

Beyond mere warmth, wood-fired saunas boast holistic advantages. The aromatic scent of burning wood evokes a sensorial experience, easing stress and calming the mind. This amalgamation of heat and scent creates an environment that not only revitalizes the body but also rejuvenates the spirit—a synergy unparalleled by infrared counterparts.

The Elemental Connection in Wood-fired Saunas

There’s an inherent connection to nature within wood-fired saunas. The crackling sound of burning wood, the earthy scent it releases, and the primal connection to the elements all amalgamate to offer a grounding experience. This connection is missing in the artificial ambiance of infrared saunas, where the essence of nature is conspicuously absent.

Health Benefits: A Comparative Analysis

When it comes to health benefits, wood-fired saunas outshine infrared alternatives. The deep, radiant heat penetrates the body more effectively, inducing a more robust sweat, thereby expelling toxins at a heightened level. Studies suggest that regular use of wood-fired saunas aids in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and enhances overall well-being. But, don’t just take our word for it. Our favorite neuroscientist and professor of neurobiology at Stanford University School of Medicine, Andrew Huberman has a little more to say. On his podcast he states that “ the optimal temperature for sauna therapy is 175 degrees Fahrenheit or above.  At this temperature, the body undergoes increased physiological changes, including increased heart rate, dilation of blood vessels, and increased sweating. These changes can improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, and promote overall relaxation and stress relief”.  Infrared saunas typically run between 110 – 130 degrees Fahrenheit, with a top out of about 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Though they can provide some of the categorical benefits, most infrared saunas simply just don’t get as hot as a traditional wood fire sauna.

The Environmental Argument

In the realm of sustainability, wood-fired saunas stand as a more eco-friendly choice. Harnessing the power of renewable resources—wood—aligns with green living practices. Conversely, the electrical consumption of infrared saunas contributes to a larger carbon footprint, making them less environmentally conscious.

The Final Verdict: Embracing the Superiority of Wood-fired Saunas

In conclusion, the allure of wood-fired saunas transcends beyond tradition; it embodies a holistic, health-centric approach rooted in nature. The natural heat, elemental connection, enhanced health benefits, and environmental consciousness render wood-fired saunas a superior choice over their infrared counterparts. For those seeking not just a sauna experience, but a rejuvenating journey, the wood-fired sauna emerges as the unequivocal victor.

Join the revival of an ancient practice and immerse yourself in the unparalleled bliss of wood-fired saunas—an oasis of relaxation, healing, and connection with nature.

Thank you for taking the time to read why we chose the sauna we did for Elevated Embers. If you have already experienced us before, we look forward to seeing you again. If not, we hope this opens a door where we can soon meet. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and local pop-ups, or maybe bring the sauna to wherever you call home!

With love and gratitude,

Nate and Kelly Hammond