Rentals + Operations

Full set-up size 25ft. x 10ft. (11ft. height clearance) Sauna can stay overnight in a yard or driveway only – may not be parked in the street or parking lot.

For cold plunge experiences you must have access to running water and a hose.

We personally deliver and set-up each sauna experience. We will walk you through the entire process and offer recommendations about sauna use. Our goal is to leave you ready to relax and recharge with no worries!

With our sauna, you can control the heat to your preference
though we recommend around 160 degrees to start. A typical  sauna session consists of three, 10 -12 minute rounds in the sauna with 3-5 minutes between sessions to cool down, relax and rehydrate (cold plunge highly recommended).

Swimsuit or athletic shorts/sports bra. Easy to slip on sandals or waterproof shoes. Lots of water to stay hydrated. A large towel to dry off with after session. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any additional questions we may answer for you!


We offer free delivery within a ten-mile radius (see map). Contact us for pricing