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Our Sauna

You've never experienced luxury quite like this! Our Finnish-Style, mobile sauna is made of 100% Canadian cedar. Inside you'll find hand-crafted, western red cedar seating benches on either side with a panoramic-style tempered glass window to add a spacious outdoor feel! Our portable cedar steps make it easy to enter and exit from the sauna! Its dimensions are 25ft x 10ft x 11ft and can seat up to 6 people for maximum comfort.

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Meet the Owners

After experiencing sauna and cold plunge for ourselves, we immediately felt a pull to bring this to others! Our goal was to create a luxury wellness experience that we could bring to people in the comfort of their own backyards! A unique way to empower others to prioritize their personal health and wellness. Elevated Embers allows us to bring sauna and cold plunge to driveways, backyards, and businesses all over Tampa! We can see it now: friends reconnecting, colleagues bonding, families sharing in their personal wellness journey. This is just the beginning! We’re honored to bring this concept to Tampa and have dreams of watching it grow even beyond this region. Elevated Embers is a true labor of love and creativity. Thank you for sharing in this journey with us! We can’t wait to hear about your experience!

- Nate + Kelly Hammond

A new way to connect mind and body.

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