Terms & Conditions

Flat, level ground is an important aspect in the safety and comfort of you and your guests while using the sauna. Inclines over 8 degrees (from front to back or left to right) can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your guests and property. We recommend picking out two potential locations for the sauna just in case one location does not meet the requirements!

Our full set-up size is 25ft. x 10ft. (11ft. height clearance).

The sauna site needs enough space for our tow vehicle to park the sauna and detach it with enough clearance to safely enter and depart the property. The sauna must be parked in a position which allows the tow vehicle to depart after detaching the sauna.

The road/driveway/path leading to the drop off location must be navigable by a 2-wheel drive vehicle. A steep incline may result in our vehicle not being able to push/pull the sauna trailer up the incline. Severe angle changes may prevent the trailer from proceeding due to it bottoming
out on the ground.

If site feasibility cannot be assessed remotely, an in-person walk-thru of your property will be arranged in advance of the rental date(s).

Pick Up

Sauna must be cleaned and cooled in order for our team to begin breakdown and exit the premises. Please allow at least one hour for setup and breakdown in addition to the time you’ve rented for your experience!